Taxi licensing

Watford Borough Council are responsible for licensing taxis and minicabs to work within Watford.

Only drivers licensed by the council can drive a vehicle licensed by the council.

For information on driver, vehicle, or operator licensing (either obtaining a new licence or renewing an existing licence), please visit the relevant page:

Driver licensing
Vehicle licensing
Operator licensing

To report damage to a licensed vehicle, notify the council of a change in address, or of a conviction (including driving licence endorsements), please complete the relevant form:

Report damage to your licensed vehicle
Notify the council of a change in your address - please note that there is fee payable of £7 to change your address
Notify the council of a conviction or driving licence endorsement

The council has chosen to maintain a list of wheelchair accessible vehicles under the Equality Act 2010. For information on the Equality Act, passenger rights, and the list of vehicles, please visit our page:

List of wheelchair accessible vehicles

When working, a driver must wear a badge which states their unique licence number.

There are two types of licensed vehicle, which are very different to each other.

Hackney Carriages

Hackney carriages (taxis) can be hailed in the street or work on a taxi rank. They can also be pre-booked.

Watford hackney carriages have a white plate on the rear of the vehicle, which contains a unique four digit number.

The fare for hackney carriages is set by the council. If a journey starts and ends within the borough, the driver can not charge more than the meter rate.

If a journey ends outside of the borough, the meter does not need to be used. The passenger and driver can agree a set fare before the journey starts.

Private hire vehicles

Private hire vehicles (minicabs) can only be used for journeys which are pre-booked through a firm.

Watford private hire vehicles can only be booked through firms licensed by Watford Borough Council. These firms are known as private hire operators.

Watford private hire vehicles have a yellow plate on the rear of the vehicle, which contains a unique three digit number.

The fares for private hire vehicles are set by their firms. Prices will vary between firms. The fare is a private contract between the firm and the passenger.


To make a complaint about a taxi driver please email

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