Cassio Road Street Improvement Project

About the Project

About the project

Watford Borough Council's Environmental Health team and partners will visit you in your home over the next year, to help make you safe and healthy. Together, we can help provide support, advice and free help, to remove or prevent hazards that can improve your health and wellbeing.

This project has been split into three phases;

  • Love Your Street is all about helping you to feel safe and happy where they live.
  • Love Yourself is all about improving your health and wellbeing.
  • Love Your Community is about working with you to help you get to know your neighbours and feel safe where you live.

Please keep up to date with the success and progression of this project following the links by watching the films.

Episode 1 - "Welcome to Cassio Road"

Episode 2 - "There's that old saying:Prevention is better than cure'"

Episode 3 - "Bold, Bright, Beautiful"

Episode 4 - "Knowing what you want as a local business"

Episode 5 - "Safe, welcoming and secure"

Episode 6 - "Ive banished Winter, saith the Spring"

Episode 7 - "Why a GP is key!"

Episode 8 - "It's what goes on, on the inside, that really matters"

Episode 9/10 - "SIP Management Summary"

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