West Watford project

West Watford - Love where you live project.

Four litter bin sites in West Watford  have been chosen for a trial project to reduce flytipping. Monitoring by Environmental Health over several months identified that litter bins in Fearnley Street, Durban Road East, Pretoria Road and Chester Road as areas that suffered regularly from flytipping.  Over the next few weeks Watford Borough Council and Veolia will be working with the the local community to remind residents what they can do with their rubbish and to spread the message that dumping rubbish such as black bags, TVs, beds and mattresses by litter bins or on the street is not ok! 

Along with giving the area a spring clean by installing new litter bins and ballot bin voting ashtrays, flowers in planters will add a touch of colour and help deter would be flytippers. At the end of February we will be door-knocking households and delivering an anti-flytipping postcard designed by Chater Junior School.  The postcard will call on residents to 'Love where they live' by being responsible for their waste and dealing with it the right way.   

What you can do with your rubbish:

How to report a flytip:




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