What is flytipping?

It is the illegal dumping of waste and is a serious criminal offence.

It causes pollution, is a health risk, spoils our quality of life and costs many thousands of pounds a year to clear in Watford.

There are steps you can take to help to prevent flytipping.

If you find a flytip, please report it.

Witnessing Flytipping in progress

If you witness flytipping in progress please call the police on 999, giving as much detail as possible.

Waste carrier licence

Check that the person you employ to remove rubbish from your home or place of business has been licensed to carry waste by the Environment Agency.

If you employ a builder to work on your home check they are licensed to carry waste or that they use a licensed waste carrier to remove the waste.

You can check here or call 03708 506506.

It is a criminal offence if you don't take reasonable steps to check.

Use a recycling centre

Dispose of your waste for free at the Household Waste Recycling Centre, your nearest is at Waterdale on the A405 Watford.

You can also contact our partner, Veolia, to arrange for a special collection. For a quote please call 020 3567 6900.

Don't put unwanted items outside your house

Putting your unwanted items outside your house to be taken by a passer-by or a scrap metal collector is illegal.

It also causes obstructions, and can be a trip hazard. If someone does trip and injure themselves your household insurance is unlikely to cover such claims.

Please take your unwanted items to your nearest recycling centre. To arrange a collection contact our partner, Veolia, or use a licensed waste carrier.

Watford Borough Council undertakes criminal investigations into flytipping on public and private land and will consider prosecution when there is evidence.

The council has undertaken many successful prosecutions for flytipping at Magistrates Court and Crown Court which have resulted in sentencing, from fines through to imprisonment.

6 things not a lot of people know about fly-tipping from Think About It Films on Vimeo.

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