Food hygiene inspections

You can view the hygiene ratings of Watford businesses online.

Environmental Health Officers carry out regular inspections of food businesses in Watford to:

  • Check food businesses are complying with the law.
  • Check food has been hygienically prepared and is safe to eat.
  • Advise food proprietors on good practice.

Following an inspection, a business is given a rating under the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. These range from 0 (urgent improvement needed) to 5 (Very Good).

Inspections cover three main areas:

  • How hygienically food is prepared, cooked, cooled, stored, and what measures are taken to prevent food being contaminated with bacteria.
  • The structure of the premises, including cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation, equipment and other facilities.
  • How food safety in the business is managed and what records are kept.


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