Community safety

Town centre CCTV

Whether you are working, shopping or socialising in the town centre, Watford's CCTV cameras are helping to keep you and the town safe.

Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the camera control room operators are keeping an eye out for people doing something illegal or anti-social.

Watford currently has 53 cameras. All are linked to the CCTV control room which shares information with Herts Police HQ. The CCTV operators have radio links with police officers on patrol in the town.

CCTV footage has been used as evidence in legal cases when prosecuting numerous offences, such as shoplifting and public disorder. It is an extremely effective tool in reducing criminal and anti-social behaviour and helps people to feel safer.

There are also three ANPR systems linked to the CCTV control room and to Police HQ. This allows the operators to check cars are legal for road use, if the MOT is current, whether the car is stolen, uninsured or wanted in connection with crime.

The CCTV operators are trained to work within the strict Home Office guidelines which are set to make sure any information seen or heard is managed and used appropriately.

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