Community safety

Community trigger and community remedy

Review how your complaint has been handled

New legislation means that residents who have complained about anti-social behaviour (ASB) can ask for a review of how their complaint has been dealt with.

The community trigger means residents have the right to ask their council for a review of their case if they have made:

  • three separate complaints about an instance of ASB in the previous six months to the police or other partner agencies
  • three separate individuals have reported three similar ASB complaints in the previous six months to the police or other partner agencies.

Once activated, the community trigger will bring together your local police, council and any other relevant agency that has previously dealt with your complaint in order to review your case.

How do I activate the community trigger?

  • Use the police non-emergency number: 101
  • Contact the council using the community safety web page.
  • Contact your housing association.

When requesting a community trigger, a form will need to be completed either over the phone or online.

If you are unhappy with the response you receive during the community trigger process, an appeal for further review can be made to the Joint Authorities Group. Their details are on the community trigger request form.

Community remedy

For the first time, victims in Hertfordshire will be given a choice about how offenders are punished for low-level crime and ASB. This is called the community remedy.

Following public consultation by the Police and Crime Commissioner, victims can pick one of three options:

  • offenders to make financial reparation directly to them
  • offenders to sign a behaviour agreement
  • offenders to make a verbal or written apology

The community remedy will be put in place by a 'responsible person', usually a police officer. Victims do not have to choose. If they prefer, the responsible person will decide the most suitable punishment.

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