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Community Safety Plan 2014-17

Each year the Community Safety Partnership, also known as Safer Watford, is provided with a strategic assessment from the County Analysts, to review performance and reconsider its priorities and targets.

The strategic assessment is a partnership document that takes account of the priorities of partners, views of the community, current trends, volumes of crime, categories and future projections.

Aim and purpose of this plan

The Community Safety Plan briefly outlines the aims of the Community Safety Partnership at a strategic level.

It identifies how the priorities set from the strategic assessment will be worked towards over a three year period but refreshed each year and amended if necessary.

 The three priorities in the plan are:

1. Updating crime

During 2014, reported crime increased across the country the rise in crime is a result of the change in which incidents are reported.

It is important that this is understood and reassurance given that there has not been an absolute increase in crime.

2. Protecting our communities

The key issues are focusing on victims and vulnerability, ensuring we understand what Watford is going to look like as a community in the next 5 years and how that will affect the community safety agenda.

3. Reassure and Inform

Watford Borough Council and police communications teams have developed a communications strategy for community safety to look at ensuring that best use is made of all channels available utilising partners resources.

The communications strategy will develop targeted campaigns, use case studies to illustrate successes and be more interactive, ensuring that messages are targeted and relevant throughout the 12 month period.


This plan will be governed by Safer Watford.

There are a number of groups who will take in to account the priorities of this plan. This will steer the strategic work of Safer Watford.

It will be most relevant to this level, informing the development of action plans and regular reporting to monitoring groups.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Success will be demonstrated by reductions in offences in the key areas the strategic assessment outlined, the three key priorities are listed above.

Also seen as positive would be an increase in reporting of hate crimes reflecting an increased confidence in reporting of domestic violence, and a reduction in the number of these incidents of under reported crimes.


The work of Safer Watford is met within each agency's budget and has been awarded a grant allocation from the Police & Crime Commissioner.

Lead Officer

Manny Lewis, Managing Director of Watford Borough Council is Chair of the Community Safety Partnership,

Responsible Authorities Group, which sets and monitors the priorities.

For further information please contact Watford's Community Safety Manager:

Tel: 01923 278405

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