Love Watford Hate Litter

Littering is illegal, anti social and has a negative impact on the environment, and costs local tax payers thousands of pounds a year to clear.

Members of the public who wish to report littering, should complete our online form for littering, street care and environmental problems

We want to keep Watford looking at its best to ensure our residents are proud of our town, and give a good impression to visitors.

It is also important to keep the town looking good so we can attract more businesses to Watford. It’s one of our priorities to provide the strategic lead for Watford’s sustainable economic growth.

In order to encourage people not to litter, we have been working with local companies and organisations.

We have spread the ‘Love Watford Hate Litter’ message by using posters and banners in bus shelters, shop windows, playgrounds and parks across the borough.

We have worked with West Herts College, and businesses in the town centre, including press releases.  

Part of the Love Watford Hate Litter message is to advise people that anyone caught littering will be given a £75 fine. Dropping litter – including cigarette butts and chewing gum – is illegal.

Those who pay within 14 days have the fine reduced to £50. For those who don’t pay the council has a 100% success rate for prosecutions. Most guilty individuals end up having to pay over £400 in fines and costs.

Here are some of the other things we are doing to prevent littering:

  • We provide over 100 bins in the town centre, emptied regularly. Many have dedicated gum and cigarette butt sections as well as bottle, can and paper recycling compartments.
  • We visit food businesses to help them reduce packaging. We encourage them to provide bins and clear up the litter in front of their premises.
  • We meet with businesses in the town centre to review their waste management, recycling and disposal arrangements and ensure they have legal trade waste collections.
  • We have reduced the number of illegal flyers distributed, as these are a major cause of litter.
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