Pest control

Domestic premises

Pest control officers deal with pests that might affect public health. For example, rats can damage woodwork and cables and transmit disease.

We also treat other pests, including mice, squirrels, pharaoh's ants, wasps, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches.

Rodent infestation

For rodents please download our fact sheets for rats and mice.  You will need professional help to remove rodents, as they can burrow, climb and jump.  You also need to take action urgently as they can breed very rapidly.

  •     mechanical traps can be less effective, as rodents may avoid them
  •     ultrasonic boxes can be used as a deterrent, but rodents may ignore them
  •     poison baits are the best solution

Bed bugs

For bed bugs please download our fact sheet listing the preparations that you need make before we visit. We use safe and very effective treatments. Please note: we are currently not undertaking visits for bed bugs in domestic properties due to COVID-19. We will update this web page when this has changed.

If you are a business that has a pest problem we may be able to help. Please contact us for advice.


For wasp advice please download our wasps fact sheet.


For cockroaches advice please download our cockroaches fact sheet.


For fleas advice please download our fleas fact sheet.


We do not treat bees, however, if you have a nest that is causing issues, you should contact a local bee keeper through the British Bee Association.


We charge for all pest treatment services.  For those receiving some benefits a concessionary rate is available.  Please check our price list.

Three Rivers District Council

Watford Borough Council carries out pest control services for properties in the Three Rivers District area on behalf of Three Rivers District Council. The pests treated and the various prices for this service can be found here.

General advice on pest control

  •     keep refuse bin areas clean, clean up spillages of food material
  •     residents should manage communal bin areas responsibly
  •     keep buildings in good repair, seal gaps around doors and other possible access gaps
  •     clear away rubbish, debris and any overgrown vegetation

To book a treatment for any of the above, please call us during office hours on 01923 226400.

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