Sustainable Watford

Green Homes Grant - Leavesden & Kingswood

Riverside insulation sj 013
Riverside Park who previously benefitted from support.

Leavesden Road

Terraced homes around Leavesden Road will be able to receive a voucher for the government green homes grant on a first-come-first-served basis. £5,000 grants (and up to £10,000 for low-income households) will be available to make your home warmer and more efficient.

This trial scheme is limited to around 2000 homes in the map area (Leavesden Road) and residents will receive a letter with the details soon. If you are interested call 0800 107 0044, visit the website, or email

Kingswood Estate

Over 850 residents on the Kingswood Estate in North Watford, will enjoy warmer, smarter homes thanks to the major energy saving scheme to make their homes warmer and more efficient. The energy savings, combined with savings to society and the NHS are expected to average £620 per completed property per year.

This trial scheme was limited to this map area of (Kingswood Estate) and residents received a letter with the details.

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