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EV Charging Points

In Watford, there are two electric vehicle charging points present in each of the below car parks. In 2020 there will be a further seven fast chargers available in Cassiobury Park carpark and at five other on street locations across the town.

Current car park charging points: Avenue, Bushey Arches, Gade, Longspring, Queens, Sutton, Timberlake, Town Hall, Watford Business Park. A 'Rapid Charging Point' which is able to charge vehicles in approximately 20 minutes, is also available for use in 'Service Road Q', just off the northbound side of Beechen Grove.

Would you like an electric vehicle charger in your street?

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is growing in Watford and there is an increasing demand for EV charging points, particularly in residential streets where there is little or no off-street parking.

The decision to have an electric vehicle largely depends on the availability of charging points and although there are already many charging points in Watford, like at supermarkets and town centre car parks, the Council is keen to promote the use of EVs by ensuring that residents can enjoy the convenience of charging their plug-in electric vehicles at home.

Currently we are installing new electric vehicle charging points in Victoria Road, Bradshaw Road, Durban Road East, Essex Road, Shaftesbury Road and at Cassiobury Park. Potential sites identified for future EV chargers include Stanley Road, Sotheron Road, Sutton Road, Bruce Grove and Granville Road.

Each EV charging point is allocated two parking spaces, as two vehicles can charge at the same time. We are aware that parking is limited on many of the streets, but if used by residents, these will not create any additional demand for parking spaces. The chargers are best suited to being used overnight, so non-residents tend not to use them. If the EV charging bay is within a Controlled Parking Zone, the vehicle must display the appropriate resident or visitor permit for that Zone.

We consider safety, positioning and other restrictions when selecting the locations for the chargers.

Watford Borough Council would like to hear from residents who are interested in having an electric vehicle charger installed in their street. However, currently, we will only consider EV charging points in roads where there is little or no off-street parking.

If there is sufficient interest from properties in a street, we will conduct a consultation to evaluate the approval of local residents. We cannot guarantee that every enquiry will result in a new EV charging point, but each case will be considered on its merits and feasibility. It also helps us to plan for the future as electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles become more popular.

If you are interested in having an electric vehicle charging point installed in your street, please email

For further information about electric vehicles and charging points, please see the FAQs.

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