Sustainable Watford

ArrivaClick on-demand bus service

Responding to routes customers want to take (launches 24 March 2020)

Seven small fifteen-seater buses (accessible and DDA complaint) from ArrivaClick will provide a flexible bus service that, unlike others does not follow a fixed route at fixed times – but responds to demand from the passengers and the routes they want to take. There are no bus stops – people are picked up and dropped off at ‘virtual bus stops’ at a point either close to their home or their destination.

Click pay go bus sj 006

The buses will operate across the borough and to Warner Brother Studios and Croxley Park (just outside the borough boundary). Each bus will have comfortable seating, tables, free Wi-Fi, USB chargers and air conditioning ensuring a clean, comfortable and safe method of public transport.

The scheme will operate via a free, easy to use smartphone app and the operator will also provide an online (web-based) and telephone service for those without access to a smartphone.

Journey prices range from £1 to £2.50 per mile depending on the time of day and further discounts are available to regular users via weekly passes and credit bundles.

  • Monday to Thursday 6am to 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday 6am to 11pm
  • Sunday 8am to 9pm
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