Sustainable Watford

Sustainability Forum

Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world, including people living in Watford. That’s why we committed to tackling this issue when we declared a climate emergency in July 2019. 

To move things forward we set up a Sustainability Forum consisting of council officers and elected councillors who are collectively developing a comprehensive plan of action will address the following key areas:

  • Integrating climate change into planning policy and the Local Plan for Watford with a focus on greener homes and buildings
  • Delivering against the current sustainable transport plan that includes creation of a sustainable transport app, a new cross town on demand bus service, a new bike hire scheme and improved cycleways across the town, more electric vehicle charging points
  • Developing a climate change action badge for Watford that unites people and businesses in adopting greener behaviours
  • Taking account of climate impacts within existing council decision making processes
  • Delivering appropriate training for members and officers to promote carbon neutral polices
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