Applying to the council's Housing Register

Where housing association homes are advertised

Properties are advertised on Herts Choice Homes. They are also displayed in Watford at the places listed below:

  • Watford Community Housing Trust - 59 Clarendon Road, WD17 1LA
  • Holywell Community Centre - Tolpits Lane, WD18 9QD
  • Centrepoint Community Centre - Raphael  Drive, Radlett Road, WD24 4GY
  • Leavesden Green Community Centre - Clarke Way, WD25 6BU
  • Orbital Community Centre - Haines Way, WD25 7QU
  • West Watford Community Association - 15 Harwoods Road, WD18 7RB
  • Watford Central Library - Hempstead Road, WD17 3EU
  • North Watford Library - St Albans Road, WD24 7RW

Properties are then allocated to the bidder with the highest housing need.

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