Deaths, burials and cremations

Cemetery services


A Funeral Director will make the necessary arrangements with the Cemetery Manager to ensure that burials are performed with due respect and efficiency.  

You are free to make the necessary funeral arrangements with a Funeral Director of your choice. 

Both cemeteries can be used for the burial of residents or non residents of the borough, although rates will vary.  

People living within Watford Rural Parish Council are also entitled to the terms available to borough residents.  

Interments may take place Monday to Friday for all denominations, they are not performed on Sundays or public holidays.  

Both cemeteries have their own small chapel for burial services if desired.

Care of graves

Whilst maintenance of individual graves on a contractual basis is no longer carried out, grave spaces will be kept maintained.  The grass areas are regularly mown, the shrub/rose beds, along with the annual bedding displays, are maintained to a high standard.


Generally you may only erect memorials comprising of a headstone and plinth (but not kerbs) that have been approved by the Cemetery Manager. It is suggested that you contact a monumental mason to discuss any specific requirements concerning a memorial. They in turn will then contact the Cemetery Manager on your behalf to seek approval for their design.

Tracing the deceased

If you are trying to trace a family member or friend that may have been buried in either North Watford Cemetery or Vicarage Road Cemetery, please contact the Cemetery Manager using the contact details below.

For more information contact the Cemetery Manager on tel: 01923 672157 or email:

Right to inspection

Burial Registers are kept at North Watford Cemetery and can be viewed by prior arrangement with the Cemetery Manager.

You have the right to inspect our cemeteries by prior appointment, please contact the Cemetery Manager to arrange this.

Copies of the Guiding Principles of Burial and Cremation Services are available upon request.

Watford Borough Council is a member of The Institute of Crematorium and Cemetery Management and has adopted the Charter for the Bereaved which ensures continued review and improvement of our bereavement services. The charter is intended to provide our users with information and assistance regarding decisions that may need to be made when arranging a funeral.  It defines the rights of all individuals who experience bereavement as well as setting standards for us as a cemetery.

Copies of The Charter for the Bereaved are available at North Watford Cemetery.

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