Reductions for people with disabilities

If you or a person who lives with you has a disability you could receive help with your Council Tax.                                                      

If you receive a state disability benefit (Income Support, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or PIP ), you could be entitled to Council Tax Reduction.

Council Tax may also be reduced for people with a permanent and substantial disability. The person with the disability does not have to be the Council Taxpayer.


To receive the reduction the following must apply:

  • there is a room, other than a bathroom or kitchen, which is used mainly to meet the needs of the disabled person, or 
  • there is a second bathroom or kitchen, which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person, or 
  • the disabled person needs to use a wheelchair in the property, and there is enough floor space to allow this (the person with the disability must need to use the wheelchair in the property to qualify under this condition). 


If this applies to you, or someone who lives with you, you should make an application for a Disabled Person's Reduction. The reduction means that the Council Tax you are charged is at the valuation band below the one for which you would normally be charged. For example if your house is in Band C you would be charged at the Band B rate. 

For more information or to apply for a Council Tax Band reduction, telephone 01923 226400 or e-mail



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