Exercise classes for people with Parkinson's

  • Exercise classes for people with Parkinson's

    • Date: 5th January 2016 - 18th December 2018
    • Every week
    • Location: Woodside Leisure Centre
    • Time: 10:30 - 12:00
    • Cost: £2.15, payable on the door


    If you have Parkinson's, exercise, and the right to exercise, is very important if we want to keep stiff or trembling muscles working.  The range of exercises are specifically chosen so that those with Parkinson's get maximum benefit.  Anyone with Parkinson's, friends and family members are welcome.  The benefit fo taking these classes can include:

    • they keep us fit and flexible
    • they strengthen muscles and keep us walking well, as well as helping with balance
    • they stop us getting into bad physical habits
    • they help hearts and breathing as well as speech
    • the are also great fun and give the members friendship and support

    For more information contact Mike Peaker on tell: 01923 820395

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