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Come work with us for the 2023 elections

Elections for Watford Borough Council are taking place in Watford on Thursday 4 May 2023 and Electoral Services have several job opportunities available:

Job profiles

  • Poll Clerks (polling station staff) - will work in polling stations on polling day 4 May 2023 under the supervision of a Presiding Officer to issue registered electors with their ballot papers, maintain a clean environment and assist voters with any questions they may have. 

    The hours of poll are from 7am to 10pm. You should arrive at your polling station no later than 6am on polling day. You will be required to attend two online training sessions in advance of working in a polling station.

    The payment for this role is £200.

    No prior experience is required, however as the role is customer facing, any previous experience in a customer service role will help your application.
  • Verification and Count Assistant - will work at the count centre the day after the close of poll to verify and count the votes cast.

    Hours are from 9am on 5 May to approximately 3pm.

    The payment for this role is £70.

    No prior experience is required.
  • Electoral Registration Canvasser (canvasser) - work which is not directly election related and requires the employee to make letter deliveries as well as doorstep visits to encourage a response and the voter registration of Watford residents.

    The canvass happens during the months of August to November.

    If you are interested, please indicate this on your application. If we have vacancies, we will contact you with further information in June.


Please note that in order to work at the elections you need to:

  • Not be connected to a political party
  • Not have subscribed a nomination paper for a candidate standing in the election
  • Not to be a candidate or directly related or connected to any candidate at the election
  • Agree to opt out of the working time directive

Applying to work for Watford Electoral Services

If you are interested in any of the job opportunities listed above, please complete the application form (PDF - 145kB) and return with a copy of your proof of eligibility to work in the UK.

We will contact you if appointed.

Contacting Electoral Services

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