Accessible play

Meriden swing

We strive to ensure that our playgrounds can be enjoyed by every child – and we encourage parents of disabled children to get in touch. We’d love to work with you to improve our play equipment – please email

The move in the play industry in recent years has been to provide more equipment that can be enjoyed by children of all abilities – and disabilities – together, promoting inclusivity rather than segregation. Watford Borough Council plans to have many of its play areas assessed by Plan Inclusive Play (PiPA) so it can make changes if necessary to make them more disability-friendly.

Accessible play facilities can be found in the following locations:

Cassiobury Park

You can find a £20,000 Changing Places toilet and changing facilities, with hoist and changing bench, in the Cassiobury Park Hub and paddling pools. Our new splash park with raised “push buttons” helps children in wheelchairs can control the water flow. Flat surfaces give children in wheelchairs the opportunity to enter the paddling pools with all of their friends. The works form part of the £6.6m restoration of the park, funded by Watford Borough Council and the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery funds. The paddling pools and Cassiobury Park Hub development will cost £2.8million.

The council has also committed to provide for new disabled-friendly facilities for the nearby playground at a cost of £100,000. These will include new ‘interactive and sensory’ play to help children with sensory difficulties and a roundabout designed for children in wheelchairs.

Meriden Park

A £40,000 inclusive area of play equipment for disabled children, funded by the council and Watford Community Housing Trust, can be found in Garston’s Meriden Park Sports Legacy Zone. The space includes a disabled swing for children in wheelchairs, revolve and infinity rotating bowls, a mezzo climbing frame, two play orbs and two play panels with safety surfacing.

Callowland Recreation Ground

At Callowland, the play area has been completely upgraded and made fully accessible having been difficult to access with wheelchairs, pushchairs etc. Play equipment at the park includes a wheelchair-accessible roundabout. It has now been surfaced with a ‘wetpour’ rubber surface and includes a wide range of equipment that promotes inclusivity, and specifically includes a wheelchair accessible roundabout.

Harwoods Adventurous Playground

An exciting wibbly wobbly bridge for children of all abilities can be found at the new Harwoods Adventurous Playground. There are also special panels to reflect light in different colours for children with sensory difficulties. Harwoods has been assessed by Plan Inclusive Play (PiPA) to ensure it can be enjoyed by children of all abilities – and disabilities.

Harebreaks Adventurous Playground

The Harebreaks Adventurous Playground is next to a recently improved play area that promotes inclusivity and includes a basket/nest swing that children can be lifted onto and off and share with friends, carers or siblings.

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