Pay your Council Tax

How to pay your Council Tax bill

Please note: We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties with our on-line Revenues and Benefits services due to very high demand. If you get a message displayed advising that you are unable to connect, please try again later in the day. We are working hard to try and resolve the issues and we thank you for your patience.

You can pay your Watford Council Tax bill easily and safely online or by phone.

Set up monthly Council Tax direct debit

Set up a monthly payment

To register you'll need

  • Council Tax number
  • bank details (for the Direct Debit payment)

Make an online Council Tax payment

You can pay all or part of your Council Tax bill in online

Make a Council Tax payment online

Pay by phone

You can also pay your Council Tax bill by phone

Phone 01923 278989 (24 hours a day)

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