Building control applications

Apply to demolish a building

If you’re a homeowner or commercial developer and want to demolish a building over 50m3 (1750 cubic feet), you must apply for a demolition notice at least six weeks before carrying out the work. 

The fee to apply for a demolition notice is £96.00

You don’t need a demolition notice:

  • when a demolition order is made under the Housing Act 1957
  • the demolition of an internal part of an occupied building
  • the demolition of a building with a volume of 50m3 or less
  • the demolition of a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage

Please make sure you attach a site plan with your application. 

On receipt of your Section 80 notice:

•    We will send you a counter notice to carry out the work
•    This will outline any conditions we require you to follow when doing the work
•    We will notify all statutory bodies and neighbouring premises

Demolition may legally commence after we have issued you with this counter notice or six weeks have expired since you applied for the notice.

Please be aware that you may also need special consent if the building you want to demolish is listed or in a conservation area. We’ll let you know if this is the case when you apply.

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