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Parking enforcement

28 August Update – Zone V enforcement will resume as of Monday 7 September 2020. From the 1 September to 7 September warning notices will be issued to motorists parked in contravention in the zone.

27 July update – Following the re-opening of Woodside Leisure Centre on Saturday 25 July, parking enforcement will resume at Woodside Leisure Car Park as of Wednesday 29 July.

2 July update - As of Wednesday 8 July, enforcement of Zones, A, B, C, E, G will fully resume. Parking controls in these area will therefore apply from this date from 8am to 10pm, every day. Motorists parked in a permit bay, in these zones, during these times will need to hold a valid permit or visitor voucher.

The following zones enforcement hours as of 8 July are as follows:

  • Zones A, B, C, G, E: 8am -10pm, every day
  • Zones D, F, J, K, L, M/N, S & T: 8am-6.30pm, Mon-Sat (Additional match day restrictions will not apply to F,J, K, L,M/N, S, T
  • Zone U: 10am to 12 noon, Mon-Fri
  • Zone V – Restrictions do not apply until 1 September 2020
  • Zone W – 10am to 11am Mon- Fri

The council will also resume enforcement in the following car parks: Town Hall, Town Hall Visitors, Longspring, Harebreaks, Timberlake, Bushey Arches and Watford Business Park.

The reason for the change is because there will be a need to protect the residential streets near the Town Centre from non-residents parking during these times as the hospitality sector is re-opening.

15 June update - Parking enforcement of all restrictions, albeit with slightly different enforced hours in the Controlled Parking Zones resumed on 15 June 2020. This enables the council to respond to an expected increase in traffic levels on local roads and maintain access on all routes.

Motorists will need to hold a permit or visitor voucher when parking in a permit or shared use bay and need to purchase a pay and display voucher when parked in a pay and display bay, during the restricted hours, in the zones listed below. Permit holders and visitor voucher holders are no longer able to park on yellow lines during restricted times.  To compensate for the 12 week reduced service existing permits will be extended.

Off street car parks are not enforced and key workers and residents can use these free of charge. They are open 24 hours. (Bushey Arches, Harebreaks, Longspring, Town HallTimberlake, Watford Business Park. Avenue Car Park re-enforced again.

The following zones enforcement hours are as follows:

  • Zones A, B/C, G & E: 8am – 6.30pm, Mon – Sun (restrictions  normally applies to 10pm)
  • Zones D, F, J, K, L M/N, S & T: 8am – 6.30pm, Mon – Sat (additional match day restrictions will not apply to F,J,K,L, M/N, S & T)
  • Zone U: 10am – 12pm, Mon – Fri
  • Zone V: Restrictions are not re-introduced until September
  • Zone W: 10am – 11am, Mon – Fri
  • Permit holders whose zones normally are restricted until 10pm will not need to hold a permit after 6.30pm.

Health care and critical workers displaying the national parking pass issued by their employer are able to continue to park in permit bays, shared use bays and pay and display bays free of charge.

Match day parking and enforcement -  Enforcement will only apply to matches played during standard restricted hours of the zone.

St Albans Road and Whippendell Road (Re-Enforced from 13 May) - Parking enforcement resumes on St Albans Road and Whippendell Road in relation to yellow lines to ensure public safety and allow social distancing to be observed.

Third Party Owned Car Parks (intu and CitiPark) - For more information, visit and

Penalty Charge Notices Following the Government’s decision to reduce the lockdown measures, the Parking Service as of 18 May 2020 will resume reviewing correspondence submitted by motorists in relation to the issuing of a Penalty Charge Notice. All motorists that have submitted correspondence during the hold period will be written to.


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