Household waste - special collections for large items

If you have a large item, such as a piece of furniture or a fridge that you wish to dispose of, we offer collection service for a small charge.

special collection

Alternatively, you may want to re-use furniture that is in good saleable condition by donating to a local charity, some will even collect for free:

9 Lives Furniture - 01923 718666

New Hope Trust - 01923 800028

YMCA - 01923 255912

Bulky household waste charges 2015/2016 with effect from 1 April 2015:  

Description Charge

Up to 3 bulky items in one collection


White goods per item

Hazardous waste (TV/electrical) per item



Other bulky/garden clearance collections and disposal minimum charge (however, please note that this does not include the cutting down and/or the removal of trees) £73.50

How can I request this service? To arrange this service please contact us on tel: 02035 676900.

When will you collect? When you request a collection you will be advised of the collection date.

Will you give a time of collection? No, unfortunately we are unable to give a time.  We usually ask for items to be left for collection where they are accessible to us.  

What will you collect? The general rule is, if you would take it with you when you move house, it is likely to be suitable for this service. General points to follow:

  • Carpets and underlay are not included in this collection service.  If you have carpet for collection, please contact us and we will arrange for a member of staff to provide you with a quote for collection
  • One wardrobe does not mean a full bedroom suite
  • Items should not be filled with other rubbish
  • Items must be easily accessible and at one point, not all over the property
  • If two identical items are on site but only one is on request, NONE of the items in question will be taken
  • Only items listed will be removed, any additions must be done on a separate request
  • List each item separately e.g. one settee, one chair,  NOT one 3 piece suite

How do I pay? Payment is usually taken at the time of booking over the phone on a credit or debit card.  Cheques or cash paid prior to the booking date are also accepted.

Hazardous waste items

The introduction of the Hazardous Waste Regulations in July 2005 means that many everyday items are now classified as Hazardous Waste.  The new legislation ensures that correct disposal methods are deployed and that harmful components are not disposed of in landfill sites.

Bulky household waste items specified as hazardous can no longer be collected together with items that are non hazardous and separate collection arrangements will be made for the following items:

  • White goods (fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines etc)
  • TV and computer monitors
  • Large electrical equipment

What won't you collect?

  • Gas bottles
  • Bags of rubble  
  • Concrete posts
  • Car/motorbike parts
  • Garage doors/window frames
  • Christmas trees
  • Asbestos
  • Fluid containers e.g. drums
  • Large gates
  • Wire fencing and large fire surrounds
  • General builders waste

How can I dispose of other items? You can take your household rubbish or items to one of the County Council Waste and Recycling Centres

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