Planning - advertisement control

A Government booklet "Outdoor Advertisements and Signs, A Guide for Advertisers” explains how the advertisement control system works. This booklet can be downloaded from the Communities and Local Government website, under 'External websites".

advertising control

You may need to apply for advertisement consent to display an advertisement bigger than 0.3 square metres on the front of, or outside, your property. So you are unlikely to need consent for a sign with your house name or number on it, or even a sign saying 'Beware of the dog'.

Temporary notices up to 0.6 square metres relating to local events, such as fêtes and concerts, may be displayed for a short period. There are different rules for estate agents' boards, but, in general, these should not be bigger than 0.5 square metres and must be taken down 14 days after completion of sale or granting of tenancy.

The department of Communities and Local Government provide a booklet which aims to explain to everyone who wants to display an outdoor advertisement how the system of advertisement control works in England and Wales.

In addition, the Council adopted a Shopfront Design Guide in February 2013. This includes advice on including advertisements on shopfronts and can be accessed from the link below.


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