Watford has a thriving allotment movement. There are twelve allotment sites across the town that are managed by Veolia Environmental Services (based at Wiggenhall Depot, WD18 0FB) on behalf of Watford Borough Council. One site, Cherrytree, is self-managed.


Watford Borough Council is currently engaging with allotment holders on plans for the allotments investment programme. You can view the plans here and read more about them here.

You can rent an allotment plot if you pay your council tax to Watford Borough Council.  If you are unsure whether you qualify, please contact tel: 02035 676900 or use the email address at the bottom of the page.

Where are the sites?  Click on the map to see the locations of the sites.

North Watford Briar Road (waiting list now closed)
Callowland, Leggatts Way
Cherry Tree, Berry Avenue (self-managed site)
Garston Manor, Horseshoe Lane
Central Tavistock Road
Timberlake, Radlett Road

Brightwell, Scammell Way
Chester Road
Farm Terrace (waiting list now closed)
Holywell, Vicarage Road
Oxhey Grange, Oxhey Avenue
Paddock Road, Lower Paddock Road
Wiggenhall, Longcroft

Please note: the Cherrytree site is under self-management.  To ask about plots and prices for this site, please contact the Cherrytree lettings officer, Ollie Cowe on 01923 492218. 

How much does an allotment cost, and how big are they?
The basic cost for an allotment is £4.50 per 25 square metres per year.  This increased by 2.5% in April 2014 from £4.40 per 25 square metres, due to inflation.  The average size of a plot is 125 square metres, but we do our best to suit everyone's needs, with smaller plots available on most sites.

What facilities are there?
All sites have water tanks, some have toilets and also trading huts where you can purchase reasonably priced seeds and sundries. You need permission from us to put up a shed, polytunnel or greenhouse. Fencing is not allowed.

Why are some sites not available?
The waiting list for Briar Road is closed at present, as this site is quite small, and already has a long waiting list, with plots rarely given up. The Farm Terrace list is closed as the allotments may be included in the new Health Campus plans.

How do I rent an allotment?

  • Call us on tel: 02035 676900 to get an application form, or click here to download one: please note that the waiting lists for Briar Road and Farm Terrace are closed;
  • Complete the form and return it to us (post/email ) to go on the waiting list for your chosen site.  We suggest you choose the one closest to your home, but please be aware that some sites (e.g. Tavistock Road, Timberlake) have longer waiting lists, so you might want to apply for a site with vacancies.  We will be happy to give you up-to-date information and advice;
  • There are very short or no waiting lists at Brightwell, Callowland, Holywell, Oxhey Grange, Paddock Road and Wiggenhall: however, this can change daily.  This is the same with the number of vacant plots.  Please call us on 02035 676900 if you want to check on the waiting list for any site.
  • When a plot is available, we will send you an offer email or letter: please keep us informed of any change of contact details;
  • Once you have confirmed that you still want to have a plot, we will arrange for you to view the available plot(s) with the site supervisor or one of our officers;
  • Finally, when you have agreed your plot, you need to complete a tenancy agreement, and then you will receive the key to the allotment site.

Watford’s allotment sites also provide a refuge for wildlife, including a number of species that are now scarce in Hertfordshire. Over 500 native trees have been planted on our allotment sites. New ponds are also being built which encourage species that are the allotment holders’ friends.

Organic cultivation is strongly encouraged by the council, which has designated organic growing areas on some sites. Use of peat is discouraged as peat extraction damages the environment and is not necessary for a healthy allotment. Watford Borough Council is a 'peat-free' council.

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