Tenders and contracts

Watford Borough Council works with companies of different sizes to buy goods and services. It is essential that we protect public money by purchasing in the most efficient way.

tenders and contracts

The council currently purchases around £25 million of goods, services and works projects each year. This spend is diverse ranging from specialised consulting, telecommunications, office supplies, vehicle management, IT and recruitment to works projects including constructing playgrounds and leisure facilities.

In this section you can find out about our procurement policy, have a look at the contracts register and see a list of approved suppliers.

In order to assist suppliers in understanding the council's procurement process, we have developed a supplier portal with our neighbouring council, Three Rivers District Council.  The portal offers suppliers the ability to view both councils contract announcements in real time.  Registered suppliers will also receive email notification of a requirement if it is relevant to that suppliers business.  Click here to access the Supplier Portal.

In this section

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