Licences and street trading

Watford Borough Council administer and issue a variety of licenses, registrations, approvals and permits relating to a range of activities and businesses.

licences and street trading

Many licences are issued after consultation with other departments or agencies, including environmental health, the police, fire service and Trading Standards.

We carry out checks and inspections on a regular basis.  We regularly inspect premises to ensure that all the conditions attached to the licence or registration are being met and we will investigate complaints including those concerning premises operating illegally without a licence.

Some common licences are not issued by us.  Door supervisor licences are issued by the Security Industry Authority

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for issuing a range of licences including:

  • performing animals
  • premises approval for marriage or civil partnerships
  • skip operators
  • skip permits
  • scaffolding licences
  • hoarding licences
  • weighbridge operators
  • petroleum storage
  • explosives
  • poisons
  • fireworks sale and storage

Many of these can be applied for online.

In this section you will find a wide range of information about licences, registrations and permits issued by Watford Borough Council.

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