Residential design guide

Watford is a thriving town, with new development adding to the existing urban form.

The Residential Design Guide (RDG) for Watford provides detail on designing new residential development in the Borough, both in relation to extensions to existing buildings and larger scale development of new residential units.

A revised version of the Residential Design Guide has been produced by the Council and was subject to a public consultation from Monday 4 November until Monday 16 December 2013. Consultation responses have been analysed and the revised document was adopted on the 23rd July 2014.  

The Residential Design Guide can be downloaded from the link below (under 'Downloadable documents').

Useful information on local character can be found in the Watford Character of Area Study (2011).  This document is available to download from here.

Hard copies of the RDG are available upon request to the Planning Policy team using the email address detailed below. However, there is a charge for this service.  

Downloadable documents

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