Parking ticket appeals procedure

This information applies only to penalty charge notices issued on behalf of Watford Borough Council. It gives details of how and under what circumstances you can appeal against a parking ticket issued in the borough of Watford.

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Step 1 - Informal challenge


If you disagree with your parking ticket you can make an informal challenge online by clicking here. Alternatively, motorists are advised to first write, within 14 days of it being issued, to:

The Parking Shop
PO Box 152

Please quote the Penalty Charge Notice Number and give your full postal address. You should say why you believe you are not liable to pay the penalty and you must give a valid reason.

Typical reasons that are not normally accepted are:

  • that the parking restrictions were unfair
  • that you had gone to get change for a pay and display machine
  • that you had only parked for a few minutes
  • that you were not causing an obstruction
  • that there was no where else to park
  • that you were delayed
  • that you had a residents permit for another vehicle
  • that you were not aware of the parking restrictions

We will respond to your letter on onlien challenge, in writing, usually within 14 days of receipt, and inform you whether it has been accepted or not. We cannot deal with appeals over the telephone.

If your reason is accepted, you will not have to pay the charge.

If your reason is rejected and you have acted quickly following the issue of the ticket, you will usually be given a further 14 days to pay at the discounted rate of £25 or £35, depending on the severity of the contravention. If payment is not made within 14 days, or, if you wish to pursue the formal appeals process, you should be aware that you will lose the opportunity to pay at the discount rate.

Do not pay the penalty if you wish to proceed to stage 2. NB. If you decide to pay the penalty at the discount rate of £25 or £35, you will not be able to challenge or appeal the penalty further.

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