Directions to Watford Colosseum

Route from the M1 and M25 to Watford Colosseum, WD17 3JN


From M1 (1)

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  • From the M1 roundabout, take the exit towards Watford town centre (A4008).
  • Continue to next roundabout, pass this to second roundabout.
  • Take the second exit which will take you towards the Harlequin Shopping Centre and traffic lights.
  • Join the ring road called 'Exchange Road'.

From M1 (2)

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  • Continue around the ring road in the centre lane.
  • Go past Market Street, Marlborough Road and Upton Road.
  • The overpass will take you over the High Street, here you must get into the left hand lane and divert off the ring road and pass Sainsbury's on the left.

From M1 (3)

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  • Carry on past Sainsbury's until you arrive at the roundabout named 'Roundabout (TH)'.
  • Take the second exit and travel around the library to the next roundabout.
  • Follow the arrows until you reach the entrance of the car park.

From M25 (1)

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From the M25 anti-clockwise come off at Junction 20

  • Take the first exit along the A41 towards Watford.
  • Go straight on at the traffic lights past the petrol station.
  • At the next roundabout take the second exit towards Watford town centre (Hempstead Road) and continue for two miles.

From the M25 clockwise come off at Junction 19

  • Take the third exit towards Watford town centre (Hempstead Road) and continue for two miles.

From the M25 (2)

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  • Continue along Hempstead Road until you reach the roundabout.
  • Go round the roundabout and take the exit alongside The Horns Public House (before Leisure Centre).
  • Entrance to car park is 100 yards.
  • Follow the arrows to reach the Colosseum.

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