About Your Councillors

The council provides general information about local Councillors, including details of who they are and what they do. Please click on the Councillor's name for their contact details and their roles and responsibilities at Watford Borough Council.

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What do Councillors do?

Watford Borough Council has 36 Councillors and an Elected Mayor, each of whom is elected for a 4-year term to represent the people of Watford. There are 3 Councillors for each of the 12 wards within Watford. The Mayor is elected by all residents within the Borough. The seats are distributed among the political parties as follows:

Political Party Number of Councillors
Liberal Democrat  19 (including the Elected Mayor)
Labour  13
Conservative 5

To view your Councillors by political party click here.

Councillors can help if you are dissatisfied with a council service by advising you or directing you to someone who can help sort out your problem.  Sometimes they can progress the case on your behalf.

As community leaders they put forward proposals to improve their Ward, which may include bringing together different community groups to develop a case for change.

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