Using our website and finding your way around the site

On the left of every page is a menu. This lists the current section, and the categories within that section. These sections & categories are used to organise the information available in our site.

To assist with moving back and forth between the pages there is a "bread crumb trail" at the top of each page - just under the text ‘Watford Borough Council’. For example, in the page where our Councillors are listed, the following is displayed: ‘Home / Council and democracy / Councillors’.

This represents the path from the home page to the page currently displayed. The bread crumb may be used to revisit previous pages, similar to the web browser's back button.

The site is divided into the following main sections:
  • Business
  • Community and living
  • Council and democracy
  • Environment and planning
  • Leisure and culture
  • Transport and streets
  • Advice and benefits
  • Education and learning
  • Health and social care
  • Housing
  • Jobs and careers
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