Types of noise pollution

There are many different types of noise pollution - for specific advice, please contact us on tel: 01923 278503.  

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Neighbourhood noise

Excessive noise from neighbours can be frustrating and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. In many cases, the person making the noise is unaware they are causing a problem. This can usually be sorted out quite quickly by letting the person know the noise is affecting you.

If this approach fails, you can ask the council to investigate. Usually, we write to the person making the noise and ask them to take any necessary steps to prevent the noise. We also ask you to complete diary sheets detailing the noise and its effect on you. We will assess the diary sheets and determine the extent of the disturbance. Noise recording equipment is then usually installed, or an officer will make arrangements to visit you if the noise is very regular.

After investigation, if the Officer is satisfied that a statutory nuisance exists, a Noise Abatement Notice will be served on the person causing the problem. Where the notice requires work, a period of time will be given to allow it to be carried out. Failure to comply with the notice after that time is a criminal offence and the person could be prosecuted.

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