How to keep your green bin clean

Here are some practical steps you can take to keep your green bin clean and to avoid maggots and bad smells. 

keeping your green bin clean
  • Wrap food waste in a sheet of newspaper or kiktchen towel
  • Keep the bin lid closed
  • Try not to place the bin in direct sunlight
  • Avoid putting any meat products into the bin, particularly in hot weather. 

and, as a last resort

  • Put your food waste in the green-lidded bin on the week it will be collected and in your black bin the other week (please note that this means your food waste will not be recycled the week it is put in the black bin).

Do you accept biodegradable bags?

No - unfortunately, we are unable to accept what the supermarkets sell as 'degradable', biodegradable or compostable bin liners. This is because, West London Composting, where we take the green waste for composting, currently will not take these bags from Watford Borough Council. The material goes through the system in 12 to 14 weeks, whilst these bin liners take much longer to decompose. Please do not put these bags in your green bin because we will be unable to empty it.


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