Safer Food, Better Business

All food businesses must have a written Food Safety Management System.

The Food Standards Agency have produced a pack called Safer Food Better Business that helps small businesses that are not part of a chain comply with the law. Using this pack will save you having to write your own system. It is jargon free and easy to use.

The packs are designed mainly for smaller catering and retail businesses. Specialist packs have been developed for care homes and child minders. There are also packs designed specifically for Chinese and Asian cuisine, as well some in languages other than English.

If you are starting a new catering business then you can obtain a Safer Food, Better Business Pack from the Environmental Health Section on 01923 278503 or

At the moment we also have a limited number of some of the specialist packs.

If you are an existing business, or need one of the other packs then you’ll need to download them from the Food Standards Agency website, which also contains some useful information about the system:

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have put the appropriate type of food safety management system in place, so if in doubt about the suitability of a particular system then you should contact us for advice. 

If your business is in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire, you can attend a training course for a small fee. On the course, you will be shown how to use the pack.  It should take you less than four hours to fill in the pack initially, and about a minute to complete the daily records.

‘This is great – it’s definitely a document for all establishments – you just tailor it to yourself’  -  Restaurant Manager

‘It’s great that they’ve used lots of graphics as I have some non English-speaking people in the kitchen – I can show them this and they’ll understand’  - Café Manager

To get more information, or to book a place on a course, call the Safer Food, Better Business hotline on 0845 234 0338.


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